The Return of Frank West

After 10 years Frank is back and you can finally play the original Dead Rising finally on PC and Consoles! Dead Rising was Capcom’s first foray into the next-generation on the Xbox 360 and marked a new pinnacle of intractability in video games. With hundreds of items at your disposal and a plethora of clothing to customize and accessorize your Frank with, it was the mark that the next-generation had started.

Dead Rising introduced a time mechanic that has you at the edge of your seat running from end to end of the Willamette Parkview Mall. It kept the game hectic and made you conscious of the fact that you needed to focus on what you were doing and where you were going from start to finish.

Capcom seems to have forgotten just how charming and refreshing Dead Rising was as each iteration of the series after the first led the series further and further from what made it so good. Dead Rising is challenging, expects you to make tough decisions and has quirky and lovable characters that really give it the cheesy B-movie feel the series was perfect for. Below is a video comparing the original Dead Rising which came out in August of 2006, to the latest entry Dead Rising 4 which released in November of 2016.

The level of detail and interactivity that Dead Rising, a last generation game that came out near the beginning of the console’s lifespan, compared to a current generation game that released 3 years into the Xbox One’s cycle is ridiculous. Everything has been a step back, and for some reason Capcom thought bringing back Frank West and completely changing his personality and voice actor would compel fans of the series to blindly accept it. It’s a damn shame and unless Capcom takes a series introspective look at the series and brings back what fans really want, I hope that Dead Rising 4 is the last we see of the series.

Seguing back into the point of this article, if you’re planning on picking up a Dead Rising game than look no further, everything about the original Dead Rising was done right. The combat, music, atmosphere and gameplay for this game are the absolute best the series has to offer and the port runs amazing on modern hardware. Frank is back and I’m not talking about Dead Rising 4.


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