Let’s-a Go! Story of Seasons Gets a Mario Themed Crossover Trailer

XSEED has released a new trailer for their upcoming farming simulator Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns for the Nintendo 3DS. This new trailer showcases a crossover between the lovable fan-favorite characters Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad from the Super Mario Brothers franchise. Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns is set to launch next week on February 28th.


Super Mario Bros. Themed Costumes and Headgear
In a rush? Mario’s signature red and blue uniform gives your running speed a boost. Reeling in nothing but boots? Turn your fishing luck around with Luigi’s outfit and hat that’ll make others green with envy. Feel like your pal is more of a stranger than a friend? Princess Peach’s regal dress and shiny tiara will give you some of the heroine’s limitless charm, helping you make friends with residents of the trio of towns faster. Farming is exhausting, isn’t it? Like the tireless character himself, Toad’s outfit and hat will recharge your stamina automatically.