Star Wars: Battlefront II Retrospective

After the disappointment that was Dice’s Battlefront which released in November of 2015, Star Wars Battlefront II is still my go to game after all these many years. I still find myself enjoying this game and all it’s content, which is sadly lacking from EA’s recent installment. The newest Battlefront felt so rushed and while it was fun for a little while, I quickly lost interest because of the lack of content and game modes. EA’s Battlefront could have been so much more and over the years we were teased with Star Wars Battlefront III (I’m still sad about the leaked alpha footage). Instead we got a boring shooter with a Star Wars skin. But enough about that mess, we’re here to talk about Battlefront II and all it’s glory.

Available to you are a couple of game modes like Galactic Conquest (my personal favorite) where you are able to build/control fleets that you can navigate on a galactic map against the AI. There are strategic elements present in this game mode like building a fleet over an occupied planet to keep the enemy from taking it over (at least not without a fight) or you can intercept the enemy before they even reach one of your occupied planets.  If the enemy does move into one of  your occupied planets, then you’re in for a space battle with the aforementioned planet in the background. Winning this battle then leads to a planetary battle where your ground troops must wipe out the enemy forces in order to assume control of the planet.

With that said, each faction only starts with one fleet and building new fleets costs credits. Which are usually earned after each turn if you have control of a planet(s) and I believe by also successfully winning a skirmish. Also available to purchase are bonuses that can help you in your campaign – like extra troops, regenerating health, auto-turrets that protect your command posts and enhanced weapon damage. Do keep in mind that these are one time use and only one active bonus is available per skirmish. So you’ll have to purchase a new bonus during one of your turns and activate it before the battle. Your ultimate goal is to completely destroy the enemy while playing as one of four factions.

The other mode is the Rise of the Empire Campaign where you play as the 501st Legion (Vaders Fist). Taking place during the start of the Clone Wars, beginning with the battle of Geonosis, all the way to the battle at Echo Base on planet Hoth. This game mode mainly has you completing objectives to progress the story-line, such as recovering an item from the enemy, defending a post from being overrun by the enemy or destroying a target. I wasn’t too much of a fan of this game mode, not to say the mode isn’t fun, but I would rather just play Galactic Conquest instead. Last but not least there is Instant Action, where you can instantly jump into matches that you set up before hand. Which is the perfect mode for those who want to get right into the game.

All of that pales in comparison to the great multiplayer that once was. If you were lucky enough to have been able to play this game back when the online was alive and kicking, then you got to witness one of the funnest online games to ever grace this earth. Sadly, the online is no more and the only way to play this beauty is to download some software like Hamachi to play with other people. Even then, there isn’t much to hope for since you’re not likely to find enough people to fill up the lobby, which is necessary for that true experience. It’s just not the same otherwise, as bots don’t make for fun matches. I would still recommend people to pick this game up, even today, as it is still one of the funnest games out there and it’s certainly much better than EA’s Battlefront by a large margin. Maybe some day, fans will come together and revive the online. That, or we can hope that we’ll get a true sequel that isn’t some stripped down mess that only has it’s looks going for it. Until then, Battlefront II is still a viable option to scratch that itch for epic battles on land and in space. Especially if you decide to add mods, as doing so makes an already enjoyable game even better.