Star Wars Pinball: Rogue One Review


The pinball wizards at Zen Studios are proud to bring us yet another great table featuring art from the latest Star Wars film Rogue One. Adding to an already large library of pinball tables from various franchises. From what I’ve seen, the folks at Zen Studios put a lot of care and detail on their virtual machines. A lot of which is present on the Rogue One table.Rogue One Table Art

At first glance, the Rogue One table looks fairly standard, featuring two sets of flippers on the bottom of the table and at the middle section, alongside two sets of ramps on the middle of the table. The middle of the table is pretty wide open, which gives you plenty of room to aim your shots. And believe me, you’ll have to in order to open the ten modes hidden in the table, each with their own goals to achieve.

Now, I know I said that the table looks fairly standard and this may give the impression that this is an easy table. And it may be for some, but I am not a pinball wizard by any regard. Some of the shots require a good amount of skill, especially those required for some of the story-related missions. In the “sneaking to the base” mode, you have to maneuver the ball past a spinning target into a flashing hole, if the guards notice you. The game switches in to the evasion phase where you have to aim your shots carefully at the flashing loops that appear.If you make the wrong shot, then the game mode ends instantly, forcing you to start again.Star Wars Rogue One Full Table

Any newcomer can easily pick this table up and begin to chain combos thanks to the seemingly simple design of the table. Hidden within that simplicity are game modes for the more seasoned players to find and complete to give them massive boosts to their scores. It’s good fun for everyone, since the game just plays so smoothly and there isn’t too much going on in the table that might otherwise distract the players. And like expected, the sound design is spot on thanks to the use of already established and memorable assets used from the iconic Star Wars films.

At just $3.99 it’s hard not to recommend buying this pack. Especially if you’re a fan of Star Wars and their latest film Rogue One. The folks at Zen Studios were sure to include nods to the film for the fans to catch. It’s not the most impressive pinball table ever, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Since I am not the best at pinball, I have yet to find all the modes found within the table, but finding them and completing them is very satisfying to me, especially when i see my score grow exponentially and rise up the leaderboards.

Star Wars Pinball: Rogue One
The Force is Strong in This One
Platforms - PC, PS4, Vita, Xbox One

Release Date - January 31, 2017

Special thanks to Zen Studios for providing a review code
Excellent sound design
Core gameplay is great
Plenty of Modes
Repetitive after a while
Graphics are plain