Persona 5 Confidant Trailers Released

Atlus has uploaded new trailers introducing four Confidants from Persona 5. These confidants are Chihaya, Yuuki, Shinya and Ichiko. Confidants are characters that you will befriend and create social links with in-game that will give you new abilities that help you in battle. Check out some info on each character as well as all four trailers below.


Chihaya Mifune

Chihaya uses tarot cards to read the fortunes of her patrons in Shinjuku. Although she appears cheerful and cute, her predictions are always accurate. She has become known as the “Maiden of Relief” and is well known for her skill, but she also urges her clients to purchase a “Holy Stone” to avoid ill fate…


Yuuki Mishima

The protagonist’s classmate and second-year at Shujin Academy. Mishima is part of the volleyball team and is often seen with injuries. A certain turn of events causes him to become closer to the protagonist.


Shinya Oda

An elementary school student who often frequents the arcade in Akihabara. He is known as “The King” in the gaming world for his astounding skills in the online gun-shooting game, Gun About. He wants to be strong like the Phantom Thieves, but what is the reason behind this desire?


Ichiko Ohya

A gossip magazine journalist in her mid-twenties. Ohya will write about anything that sells, and producing articles that influence public opinion comes easy to her. In the past, Ohya was a political journalist who cut into the evils of society. What made her switch fields…?

Persona 5 releases on April 4, 2017 in the West on Playstation 3 and Playstation 4.