Panty Party Review

Coming across Panty Party on Steam Greenlight I couldn’t help but laugh at the premise. At the time I thought the game would be just another low effort cash grab using its sexual themes and anime visuals for easy votes. Golly gee was I wrong. Panty Party turned out to be a surprisingly great time packed full of humor.

Yurika is a young high school student who also happens to be the Warrior of Love – Someone who shares an equal love for all panties. She reluctantly finds this out one morning when she runs into a floating pair of panties known as Baka Panty. You see, not only does Yurika love panties, but due to this newfound revelation of being the Warrior of Love, she can also turn into a talking pair of panties.

She uses this newfound power to help Baka Panty in putting a stop to Panzi – An evil pair of panties who wants to brainwash all humans into believing panties are their one true love. If Yurika can’t put a stop to this evil Panzi she’ll be turned into panties forever!

Now with the ridiculous premise out of the way, we can talk about the gameplay. Surprisingly for a game so ridiculous, Panty Party features solid third-person perspective action combat – You’ll go from shooting to boomerang slinging to close quarters combat. You’ll go against multiple enemy panties at once so being quick to decide what method of attack you use is key to staying alive.

Being such a lightweight article of clothing, you have the ability to glide through the air for a few seconds. This lets you reach vantage points that will help you shoot enemies in areas their shots can’t reach you.

Panty Party Win

Panty Party features 2 modes – Story mode which trails along for 20 chapters detailing the events of the game, and an arcade mode which lets you play through stages without the story with any of the characters you’ve unlocked. Each chapter in the story mode delivers a visual novel style exposition that drives the story forward. While there aren’t any dialog choices, you can choose to follow the story or skip straight to the action.

I know I mentioned it earlier, but I’m quite surprised with how good this game looks for what it is. With a graphical style remincent of a lot of Japanese Playstation 3 games, it’s quite refreshing to see a small studio opt-out of sprite based graphics and go for a less detailed, but still visually pleasing 3D style.

Sound design overall is on-point for Panty Party. You’ve got some groovy tunes for the main menu, visual novel scenes and combat. I would have liked to see more music thrown in there as the battle themes can get played out when completing more than a few missions in one go.

What caught me off-guard the most about the sound design is how every line of dialog is voiced for each character. Even smaller side-characters have unique voice actors which was a delight to hear. You won’t find an English dub here, but you will find some great Japanese voice acting on par with what you’d hear in an anime. Cool Kuma Panty has that exaggerated ora ora voice that I can’t help but love hearing.

Panty Party Cool Kuma

Progressing through the story and completing certain requirements – such as not dying or beating a stage within a certain time frame, allows you to unlock additional characters which each make use of new and unique attacks. With a roster of 17 unlockable characters, this adds some well needed replay value to the story mode.

All in all, what you see is what you get with Panty Party. If you’re in the mood for a fun, lighthearted and perverted action game, I think Panty Party is a worthwhile addition to your Steam library. It certainly doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it does provide an experience I think we need more of on Steam and in general.

I’m certainly glad this game came out before Steam Greenlight gets the boot as I don’t know if I’d have been able to experience this gem otherwise. Always remember, all panties need love regardless of shape, color, size or type. Go forth Warrior of Love!

Panty Party
All Panties Need Love

Platforms - PC

Release Date - January 24, 2017

Special thanks to Animu Game for providing a review code
Hilariously entertaining premise
Fun combat with gameplay variety
Plenty of unlockable characters
Story is quite short
Lacking graphical settings
Soundtrack leaves more to be desired