Omega Quintet Gets An Encore on PC in 2017

The wonderful folks over at Ghostlight Games have announced a PC port of Omega Quintet, which originally released in 2014 for the Playstation 4. Not only will the PC version gain support for multiple screen resolutions, but it’ll also have Steam Achievements, Cloud saving, and full mouse/keyboard and controller support.

To find out more, check out a short overview and some screenshots from Omega Quintet below!


In a world overrun by a mysterious, malevolent darkness, the only hope for humanity rests in the music of singing idols Otoha, Kyoka, Kanadeko, Nene and Aria, known simply as the “Verse Maidens”.  Wielding weapons of sound, they are tasked with fighting back evil and restoring the world, but it won’t be easy!  These five plucky girls – along with the help of their manager, Takt – will have to give the performance of a lifetime to stop the darkness from claiming the last of humanity.  Will they be able to band together and blow this evil away, or will they fight only to discover that the darkness has been lurking within them the whole time…?

Key Features

• Power of music!  Harness the power of song to defeat evil!  Every fight is a performance, and you’ve gotta give the audience what they want!  Enter “Concert Mode” to get musical boosts and fill your Voltage Gauge faster to perform special skills.

• Break a…garter?  It may be the end of the world, but your idols must always be ready to perform!  You’ll be able to customize their outfits, accessories, hair, and more!  Be careful though, as sustaining hits from enemies can cause a “Costume Break” which will compromise their outfits, leaving them vulnerable to more damage!

• Lethal harmonies!  An idol group combines their talents to create beautiful harmonies, and with the “Harmonics” system you can sing your enemies right into their graves!  Create deadly super chains of attacks, utilizing each idol’s skill in the right order to keep the pain coming – it’ll be music to your ears!