Neo ATLAS 1469 Sails to Steam on February 14

Land ho! Traders around the globe are jumping in glee as Arc System Works has revealed that Neo ATLAS 1469 is making its way to PC via Steam this month! Neo ATLAS 1469 originally released on the Playstation Vita in October 2016, but the Vita version hasn’t been announced for the West.

Available for $29.99 with a 10% discount on launch week, you can find out more information about the game below alongside a trailer.

You play the role of the Master of a Trading Company in 15th century Europe with the goal of mapping out the four corners of the earth, to show the world what lies beyond the unknown. You’ll need to enlist the help of various admirals to help create a map of the world. By choosing to accept the reports of their discoveries to fashion your very own World Map. Some reports may be mundane but valid, while some may sound like they’ve fought mythical creatures. Depending on what you believe and the decisions you make, your World Map will begin to take shape.

Neo Atlas 1469 Key Features:

Choose Your Admirals Wisely
The key to success is selecting the right Admiral depending on the circumstances. Organize your fleets and send them to explore unknown waters and ruins to help you map out the world.

Ships! Ships Ships!
Ships are an integral part in the game as they allow you to explore the world over. There are many interesting ships to unlock each with their own strengths and weaknesses!

Establish and Secure Your Trade Routes
You need to pay your admirals wages and keeping a functioning fleet does not come cheap. As you progress in the game, you will discover exotic goods from newly discovered lands. Set up new trade routes and make a nice profit!

Hunt for Hidden Treasure
Many treasures are hidden all over the world, waiting for you to discover. By unlocking the “Dowsing” tool you can detect valuable treasures more easily!