Lost Dimension PC Port Announced

Ghostlight Games announced in their blog today that the last generation JRPG Lost Dimension is making its way to PC via Steam in 2017. Originally released as a Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita game, Lost Dimension centers around a group of psychic users battling a terrorist organization named ‘The End’.

More information and features from Lost Dimension provided by Ghostlight:

Taking place in the near-future with the world in ruin, a terrorist mastermind known only as ‘The End’ threatens humanity with a nuclear apocalypse. To combat this threat, a Special Forces group comprised of eleven young psychics with incredible superhuman abilities, is tasked with pursuing The End to the summit of a sky-scraping tower which has dramatically appeared on the city skyline from out of nowhere.  Can the team find and eliminate The End and avoid the nuclear Armageddon he has set in motion?

Key features:

• Take on the enemy across tactically created environments in an amazingly strategic turn-based battle system!

• Create bonds with your teammates and use your psychic talent of ‘vision’ to rifle through their minds and find the traitors!

• Every person counts in battle as you place teammates to benefit and shield each other and manage their ‘Defers’ and ‘Berserk’ modes!

• Test your investigation and deduction skills by finding the traitor on each floor of the towering Pillar. Traitors are randomly determined, so no two playthroughs are the same!