Konami Reveals Bomber Girl for Arcades

Today at Japan Amusement Expo 2017 Konami announced Bomber Girl for arcades in Japan. Bomber Girl is a 4-on-4 cooperative battle game featuring a whole new cast of characters.

The following description is translated with Google so please bare with the odd translation.

Cooperation of 4 VS 4, fun playing, fun to watch, fun to watch, refreshing production of the latest video game everyone will be excited.

Bomber “Man” instead of “Bomber” girl “as a new game element, with fun playing and entertaining, even if you see it will be a fun title.

Based on the game character of Bomberman who will destroy the block, it is fun to play, by playing a 4VS4 cooperative match, adding a new game property to destroy the base base one time earlier than the opponent team. It is also a fun game. It is a must-see for an exhilarating direction to blow up with a pop-out button at the end.

By breeding a strong and cute bomber girl, various skills can be used as well as bombs. By making good use of skills as a strategy, you can advance the game more advantageously, and a game of excitement that can not be forsakened to the end will be developed.