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Indie Interviews: Revere by Strashiner Studios


Indie Interviews is Corecade’s series of interviews with independent developers. Birthed from the death of Steam’s Greenlight, Corecade listens to the innovative, lesser-heard voices.

Revere is an RPG that tells the story of Troy, a foot soldier of the Lumerian Empire. Troy has a sudden moment of realisation after a purging duty takes a wrong turn, discovering that his empire is one of terror and greed. Having been left barely alive in an area unknown to him, he is saved by those he previously saw as his enemy. Troy switches sides and begins a battle against the Lumerian Empire.

[Corecade] Revere will be the first game to debut from Strashiner Studios. Preparing to publish your first game must yield some frightening results. What struggles have the team encountered during its development and how have you productively overcome them?

Certainly, several of our fears is the game not selling well or not being received well by the public. The saying goes that first impressions matter the most, and in our case, we’re really eager in making this one count. As for struggles, personally, it’s just commitment. When you’re making a video game on a budget, the commitment of the people you’re working with comes into play. If you pay people more to do your job then by all means would they be committed and determined to make it happen, while if you pay less it’s the other way around. Of course, one thing to overcome this is to simply make sure you find people who are not only there for the money but for the passion. Believe me, the indie game industry has something rather peculiar and strange, and if I were to explain it in a way, I would say it’s the passion and the desire that people pour out as they make these games.

In conclusion, if you really want to make video games, find a team whose passionate first and foremost, that is how you and your team will overcome the difficulties that lie ahead.

Revere’s narrative can be deemed a rather controversial one in the world of storytelling. If any, which games, films, or books inspired its direction?

First of all I’m a huge fan of JRPG’s as a whole. However, I felt that sometimes their stories and shticks can be a little annoying. One thing I love about the western gaming industry is that they’re straight to the point with so little excessive drama and unnecessary detail. While if we look at the Asian gaming industry it’s all sugar coated and embellished in details that might make or break the game itself.

To go off-topic a little bit before answering the question, if I were to compare Japanese games to American games, it would be comparing a cheesecake to a fruity iced parfait with gold flaked crisps. Two of these cakes are good but, one of them is much more enjoyable and reasonable than the other.

The idea is that I’m not trying to make a clichéd RPG where the characters are talking heads and where the plot just goes on and on due to Deus Ex’s being placed here and there. Rather, I wanted to make a game where it really goes for the story and that’s it. Think of this game as watching a movie; a way to escape, that’s what I’m striving for.

So to put my inspirations on the table I’d say Chrono Trigger and the tales games inspired me to make this product and the general fantasy role playing shticks we see here and there.

How has Strashiner Studios innovated upon the popular RPG genre with Revere? What features were originally thought of and were there any that suddenly came to mind during test plays of the game?

The word innovate is a tad bit strong, however I wanted to make a fun turn based game that isn’t all brains and brawn. I believe that these days innovating features isn’t easy because we can either complicate the game further and lose interest of the player, or simply oversimplify features which then brings to question why such features are installed in the first place.

The turn-based system I made is a hybrid battle system so technically players and certain enemies can hog all the turns to themselves thus bringing battles to a swift and decisive end.

As for features that we came up with during development: we simply had a collection of teeny-tiny morsels of features to be added. For example, because the character walks around looking all derpy and stiff we decided to implement a running cycle. Or because collecting items is fun and especially rewarding we decided to make an extensive crafting list and an upgrade system.

The idea is to make this an immersive story-driven RPG, and hopefully these little features add immersion and depth into the game!


Revere is due out on PC and Mac in fall, 2017. You can check Strashiner Studios’ site here to learn more about the game.