Hell Warders Gets an Indiegogo Campaign and Closed Beta

Hell Warders, the upcoming independent action defense game from Ares Studio has now launched an Indiegogo campaign and closed beta access for backers. You can check out more information below as well as the trailer for the game.

Fight demons head-on with a team of Hell Warders, an ancient order of heroes with unique powers and abilities. Support Hell Warders on Indiegogo and get immediate access to the closed Beta. Backers will get 4 Steam Beta Keys to battle the demons with friends in this innovative co-op defense game that redefine the Tower Defense genre.

Hell Warders are sworn to defend the Nexus from demon assaults. Players work together as teams 4 to scout for power-ups and create a defensive perimeter. The Demon army waits for no-one and will assault from multiple entry points and all angles. Push back waves of demons with an arsenal of weapons, powerful hero skills and deployable towers.

  • A new Defense subgenre – Heroes can unleash devastating abilities and deploy strategic towers in this new Defense subgenre.

  • 4 Player Co-op – Combine forces and battle the forces of evil! Hell Warders supports both co-operative play with friends or other Warders.

  • Multiple Playable Classes – Choose from a roster of diverse heroes, each with unique skills and abilities.

  • Dynamic Maps – Dodge flowing lava or fly on a giant spinning fan! Every map in Hell Warders is dynamic and offers tons of different strategies.

  • Epic Enemies – From giant earth-shattering Wurms to magic wielding Lyches, the enemy will not wait for you.

Buying a copy of on Indiegogo nets you a copy of the full game and 4 beta keys to play with your friends. Hell Warders is set to release on Steam in June.