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Gravity Rush 2: Raven’s Choice Review

A new playable story has arrived for the beautiful Gravity Rush 2 in the form of free DLC, but does it live up to the expectations one would expect? Sadly it does not.

Another Story: Raven’s Choice puts us in the shoes of Raven and takes us back in time to the end of Gravity Rush 1. This means that if you haven’t played or finished the first Gravity Rush you may not understand much of the characters or whats going on, and the story here in the DLC doesn’t really cover it, assuming you have of course played the first one, a fair assumption really, why would you be playing a sequel to a game you didn’t play?The story starts with Raven and Kat helping out with an experiment to save the children left in the ark from the first game But surprise, surprise something starts to go wrong and as Raven rushes in to help she finds herself thrown back in time. I cant really cover any more without going into spoiler territory, though there isn’t a hell of a lot to spoil honestly. Dealing with time travel isn’t exactly an easy task for writers, but one has to wonder if they knew what the writers here knew what they were doing. It also struck me as odd when near the end a choice has to be made by Raven and she just does it, there’s no emotion built up here and it just feels off

The story is set into six chapters and each chapter consists of a puzzle and maybe some combat, that’s all. For the most parts these chapters weren’t any fun to play, the worst being the second chapter which sees Raven being turned into a small child and being told she has to recover her memories. This follows with perhaps the slowest gameplay in the DLC, young Raven must hide from the “Collectors”, monsters that erase things from the world. This chapter is especially painful because all child Raven can do is walk at a slow pace and do a pathetic jump.

Fortunately by the end of that chapter Raven is an adult again, so that mess is soon left behind. But the other chapters are almost as boring and painful as this one, truth be told.Control wise, Raven controls exactly the same as Kat does in the main game, more or less anyway. The controls feel oddly sloppy with her though, especially while floating through the air, and I constantly ran in to issues and found myself quickly becoming frustrated. Raven and Kat mostly share the same move pool here but unlike Kat’s gravity kick, Raven has a drill kick, which keeps going until you either stop mashing the square button or run out of your gravity bar.

Towards the end of the DLC, Raven gains a power up in the form of her “Phoenix mode” in which she gets stronger, recovers hp and can move around freely in bird form as opposed to the gravity shifting she usually has to rely on. As fun as this power up is, you get it far too late and never really get to mess around with it too much.

Unlike the main game, there’s nothing to unlock here as you play, you don’t power up Raven, nor do you collect any outfits. In fact there’s very little to do aside from get from point A to B in each chapter. This and the fact there’s nothing to unlock leaves the game with zero replayability, although I cant really see anyone wanting to replay this, except maybe trophy collectors who may miss a few trophies going through the first time.When I first heard we were getting DLC that would focus on Raven, I was ecstatic. Since she was first introduced in the first Gravity Rush I have wanted to get a shot at playing her. Its just a shame this DLC is so short and empty. There are a few moments when it shines, but for the most part Another Story: Raven’s Choice is forgettable.

I guess we should count ourselves lucky, with most games we would have been charged for this kind of DLC. Unless you’re a huge fan of Gravity Rush I cant recommend wasting your time with this, and even if you are I still cant. Its a real pity after having played both Gravity Rush 1 and 2 which are beautiful games, that I played this which left a bad taste in my mouth, it simply doesn’t live up to the main games.

More Gravity Rush
Finally get to play as Raven
Doesn't cost anything
An overall boring experience
Sloppy and messy
Convoluted Story