Flywrench Review – A Mesmerizing Trip Through Space

From the creators of the widely lauded multiplayer fencing game Nidhogg, comes Flywrench, a relatively simple yet difficult to master action game in which you navigate your ship through a series of obstacles. Each growing in difficulty as you progress with your highly maneuverable ship. A simple enough game that demands mastery or you’re in for some serious frustration.

Flywrench Ship Modes

Don’t let Flywrench’s simple gameplay elements deceive you, this game is far from forgiving. The game starts out simple enough, but that all changes fast with every new challenge it throws at you. Each one demanding that you improve on your timing and judgement as you navigate your way through each level.

You see, you’re not piloting an ordinary ship, and I’m not quite sure how to describe it. Your ship in appearance is just a white line. Nothing out of the ordinary really, it’s all fairly simple design wise. No, it’s how the ship functions in order to navigate the levels is where it stands out. Your ship is able to flap and doing so causes the color to change to red.

The color of the ship matters because you have to be the right color in order to pass the obstacles you will face. You flap your ship to ascend or hold the flapped position to drop your ship, so there is more to it than just matching the colors and you have to do all this in quick succession to make it through a level. All this adds up to the difficulty and frustration as you fail time and time again, but it is so satisfying to finally succeed.

Flywrench Game Screen

It’s easy to forgive all the stress Flywrench brings thanks in part to the fantastic soundtrack. Featuring artists like Daedelus, Dntel, Goodnight Cody, Knife City, Kuh Lida, Machinedrum, Baths, Danny Scrilla + Om Unit, Syndakit, Spazzkid, and Sweatson Klank. This is truly one of Flywrench’s shining points.

Many of the tracks are just so very catchy and enjoyable making it a better experience through and through. It’s safe to assume the game wouldn’t be quite as mesmerizing if the soundtrack was any different. Kudos to all who did such a wonderful job on the soundtrack.

Flywrench difficulty

Flywrench offers a good amount of content, giving us over 170 levels to work through, which is not a simple feat. If you do however manage to beat them all. There is an option to create your own levels to share with friends and the community.

That’s always a plus for me, since I enjoy playing through player created content. Flywrench is a fun, quick distraction that can easily pull you in with its entertaining game play, and though it can become quite difficult at times, it’s easy to get past all that. It feels so good to make it past a level that you’ve been stuck on and wanting to see what else the game will throw at you.

It never seems unfair and it all comes down to how good you are at the game. If you are a sucker for challenges and killer soundtracks, Flywrench is definitely a go-to choice that I would highly recommend.

Flywrench Review
Platforms - PS4 (Reviewed), PC

Release Date - February 14, 2017

Review code provided by Messhof
Addicting gameplay
Mesmerizing soundtrack
Great amount of content
Might be too difficult for some