E3 2017: Age of Empires Definitive Edition Announced

Age of Empires

The final game to be announced during the PC Gaming Show 2017 is Age of Empires Definitive Edition, which is essentially a remastered version of the original with 4k support and enhanced gameplay features with Xbox Live support for Windows 10, integrating your friend lists to the game and ensuring the multiplayer aspect of Age of Empires is reborn.

Adam Isgreen, creative director of Microsoft Studios, has said the game has been completely remade, with new font scaling, and all new assets for characters, weapons, and buildings in addition to improved, completely new orchestrated sound.

The game is releasing later this year, and will appear at future gaming events in the upcoming months, so we can expect a full release around the end of the year to ensure strong marketing throughout 2017.

The highlight of the announcement is the game’s upcoming multiplayer beta, which you can sign up for via the official Age of Empires site.

Depending on the success of the remaster, Microsoft may be interested in pursuing an all-new title, given their revival attempts of the RTS genre with Halo Wars only recently for the Xbox One and PC via the Windows 10 store.

Check out the announcement trailer for Age of Empires Definitive Edition here: