Disgaea 2 PC Review – Gotta Have Guts!

Disgaea 2 has finally arrived on the PC and for the most part it’s a good port.  More so than the port of the first Disgaea, which I dropped after a few hours. How unfortunate since fans of the series have been looking forward to being able to play it on their PCs. So how does this port compare to that one? It’s definitely a lot better this time around that’s for sure.  I did find issues with the game, but it did not ultimately detract from the game. It was still very much an enjoyable game, and I’m still having fun with it.

Where do I even begin with this game? There are some delightful little aspects to it that many long time fans have fallen in love with. Though for me the humor in this game was largely forgettable . With that said, the characters in Disgaea 2 are still amusing to say the least and that’s one of this games strong points, but they’re not as memorable as the first. Adell is just a bland character in a world neck deep with over the top characters. All this makes him stand out in all the wrong ways, but thankfully the rest of the cast has more to offer. The story is also a bit underwhelming, ranging from cliched to nonsensical. I just couldn’t get hooked on what was going on in Disgaea 2, but the side content helped keep me going.

The one place where Disgaea 2 stands out is in its sound design. This odd ensemble of characters is well voiced, and you have the option to use the English or Japanese dub. I for one chose to play the game with the Japanese dub. Out of the entire soundtrack, the song that plays during the intro is my favorite. Overall the music in this game is fantastic, and I have yet to find a song that I didn’t enjoy. In fact, I’m strongly considering buying the ost when I get the chance to do so.

I’d like to point out that the gameplay has received some improvements this time around thanks to some new mechanics. And there are quite a lot to cover in this game, which might be a bit much for newcomers to the series. Don’t let that discourage you from giving it a shot though. These mechanics and the gameplay in general are easy to pick up. New to Disgaea 2 is magichange, which allows you to turn a monster unit that is positioned next to a humanoid character into a weapon. Depending on the type of monster, you’ll end up with a different type of weapon, so it helps to pair the appropriate monster and human to truly benefit one another. Magichange alone has a lot going and I’ll update this article in the future with the info as I’m uncertain if there were any changes made for the pc.

Adell outside of his parents home- Disgaea 2 Adell in Hub

As fun and crazy as the combat is in this game is, it isn’t without its issues. The UI just feels so clunky, and it feels like a chore to navigate and use. Which brings me to a bug that I noticed when I decided to switch over to a controller. While Playing the game, I had noticed that I was getting a low framerate. Now, that baffled me since my computer was more than enough to run the game. The odd thing is that once I plugged in a controller, my framerate went right up. I don’t really understand why that happened, but it did for me and a few others who have reported it. I can’t say I’ve ever encountered something like this before, and for a game like this, you do not want a low framerate.

Disgaea 2 Geo Change - Disgaea 2 Systems

My time with Disgaea 2 was an overall positive experience, it was just a nice feeling to be able to play it on the PC. Even if the game doesn’t look the greatest on a bigger screen despite having been on the PS2. If you can make it past the clunky interface and bugs, then you’re in for a real treat. Disgaea 2 is a quirky srpg that at times takes itself a little too serious despite its lighthearted world and characters. And what lies beneath all this is a fairly intricate battle system that makes for some interesting battles. If you’ve never played it before, it’s now available on Steam. It’s definitely worth a pick up, especially now at the time of writing, since there is a special promotion that ends February 6.

Disgaea 2 PC
Platforms - PC

Release Date - Janurary 30, 2017

Special thanks to NISA for providing a review code
Updated graphics look great
Japanese and English dub
Great soundtrack
Clunky user interface
Ran into bugs while playing