Days of War Early Access Preview

World War II

When I think of a World War II shooter, the game that instantly comes to mind is Day of Defeat: Source. A game that showcased just how amazing a WWII shooter could be. Unmatched gunplay, snappy and tight controls, great sound design and it looked pretty to boot.

Soon after, the era of the modern day shooter came into play. Usually set somewhere in the Middle East with a brown, dreary and ugly color scheme, which also brought about the introduction of health regeneration. A lot of gamers were upset with the direction shooters were going, as no longer was it about skill or dexterity, but about killstreaks and perks.

This is where Days of War comes into play, with the goal of bringing back the old-school shooters that a lot of FPS fans have been longing for.

Days of War - Fight

Early Access

Days of War is a multiplayer-only World War II first-person shooter that is currently in Early Access on Steam. Right off the bat from the first match I played, it became apparent just how early in development Days of War is.

While the core gameplay is there and matches can be enjoyable, Days of War is missing major features that separate an okay game from a good one. Right now there’s no feeling of impact, by that I mean whether you’re shooting or the one getting shot there’s a severe lack of feedback from firing guns.

When you shoot, you’ll hear your gun shots and you might end up hitting someone, but the character models don’t react in any way to being shot. This in turn gives leaves you feeling unsatisfied from the core aspect of what makes a first-person shooter- the shooting.

Besides the impact, the actual gunplay, while barebones works well enough, shots go where you think they’ll go and recoil is inherent with all guns. You can’t spray-and-pray and expect to get any kills.

Days of War - Battle


Movement in Days of War can be spastic and unpredictable, there have been instances where I try to go from sprinting to aiming down the sights but the animation won’t commit, which means I’ll stay stuck running when I’m trying to shoot.

Keeping in mind that this game is in Early Access and those issues will surely be fine-tuned with future updates, the positives outweigh the negatives and Days of War shows promise.

There aren’t any killcams, killstreaks, perks or any other casual filter you’d find in a typical shooter in a post Call of Duty 4 era. Graphically the game looks and runs good, which is unexpected on release week of an Early Access game, but I have heard of some players getting low fps, YMMV.


Days of War has roughly 7 or 8 maps currently available; which include French villages, towns and even a map where you storm Omaha Beach in Normandy.

My favorite map that I’ve played in so far is Kayserberg- a close quarters French town covered in snow with plenty of pathways to sneak behind enemies. Like Day of Defeat and other World War II shooters, you’ll pick a class which determines what weapons you carry; Marksman, Sniper, Infantry and Specialty just to name a few. Every class handles the same except besides the equipment you’re carrying.

Days of War will feature 100 player battle events, with the first battle taking place February 3-5. I plan on taking part in the battle and updating my impressions with how the game handles such large-scale battles.

Days of War - Map

Should you buy Days of War?

Right now I’m torn between recommending purchasing Days of War in the state it’s currently in. If you’re someone who’s a fan of World War II shooters, enjoys providing feedback to developers and doesn’t mind the rough edges, I’d say it’s worth the $25 asking price.

On the other hand, if you just have a passing interest in WWII shooters or are on the fence after reading my first impressions, I’d say try it for two hours and either refund it if it’s not what you were expecting or save your money and wait until the developers pump out more updates out and fix issues.

Speaking of updates, while writing this review the first update for the game released, and after a quick match I can tell it definitely improved the high ping and server lag that I was experiencing.

Days of War is available now on Steam Early Access and will be available sometime in the future for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

A review code was provided from the developers Driven Arts