Day of Infamy Review

World War II shooters seem to be making a swift comeback and with Day of Infamy out of Early Access, it marks the latest entry in the shooter staple. Fans of classics such as Call of Duty 2, Day of Defeat and Medal of Honor have been clamoring for new WWII games and we seem to be in the days of reckoning for their comeback. Day of Infamy marks the newest comeback kid for WWII shooters and does well to live up to the expectations of hardcore shooter fans.

Offering a strictly multiplayer only experience, Day of Infamy offers 7 different multiplayer modes for you to experience. I spent most of my time within Frontline, which combines team deathmatch and objective holding into one mode. While I didn’t spend too much time in other game modes as I prefer deathmatch, the other modes do offer more intricate experiences that changes up the formula to keep the game feeling fresh.

Loading up a new match lets you pick from certain classes that you’re probably familiar with. You have 9 classes to choose from, each with different weapons, equipment and extra abilities. Personally I stuck with the assault class which gave me boosted movement speed and an automatic rifle, but getting burned to death by a flamethrower makes me want to go back and try out more classes.

Playing as anything other than assault means you’ll usually be using a bolt-action rifle and these take precision and accuracy to aim and hit opponents. This isn’t a Call of Duty game where your shots will snap to opponents or auto-aim helps balance your shots. If you’re looking for a no-bull style shooter that will actually require competency, Day of Infamy definitely hits the mark in that aspect.

Gameplay is quite refined, combining both mechanics of old with modern first-person shooter tropes. You’ll be able to sprint without worrying of stamina, aim down sights and switch weapons on the fly, while also being able to corner peak and go prone at almost any angle. There’s enough new and old to please both classic fans and newcomers, which I believe was necessary to maintain a living community.

In terms of visual fidelity, the game doesn’t offer much in terms of eye candy, but it does fit the World War II vibe well enough that you can feel immersed. I’d say the graphics are about on par with Call of Duty 3 which was an early 7th generation game. Don’t go into this game expecting unbelievable graphics or realism, that’s not what Day of Infamy is offering.

Gun shots, mortar rounds and grenades all sound top notch. While there isn’t much in terms of a musical score, the in-game sound effects are grande and sound realistic. You’ll hear enemies and squadmates yelling back and forth in the frontlines, which adds to the otherwise quiet atmosphere of the game. Since this is an online game, you should expect a large amount of trash talking and bants to fill your eardrums.

One gripe I have with Day of Infamy is its long loading times between starting a new match and in-between map loads. It takes much longer than most games do these days and can make you lose the adrenaline rush you have pretty quickly. Besides this flaw, the game doesn’t have many downsides as far as gameplay goes and with an average of 1000 players online, finding and getting into a match has been quite easy each time.

If you’ve got the itch for a fun World War II game, Day of Infamy is definitely leading the charge on Steam. Whereas other WWII shooters have failed to maintain an active community, Day of Infamy has plenty of people online and offers a nice balance between old and new mechanics, that will leave both WWII shooter veterans and newcomers satisfied.


Day of Infamy Review
Tight gameplay that combines old-school shooting with modern mechanics
Sound effects are top notch
Plenty of gameplay modes and maps to choose from
Active online community in the thousands
Matches take too long to load
Lack of ambient noise makes maps feel barren
Graphics aren't anything special