The Dark Knight Awakens in Black Desert Online

Kakao Games has published two new videos showcasing the newest addition to Black Desert Online, the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight uses her Kriegsmesser to slice away at foes as well as ranged magic in-between attacks. You can find a small overview of the Dark Knight as well as two trailers and screenshots below.

Trace back to the times before history to take a peek at the beginnings of the Dark Knights and the Rangers. Find out with your own eyes what Dark Knight has to offer in Black Desert with her luminescent darkness.

Dark Knight uses the long and beautiful Kriegsmesser to slash, strike, and exhaust powers obtained from nature.

Though her slashes with the Kriegsmesser are heavy and firm, she shows off agile and precise movements as well.

In addition, Dark Knight uses range magic in-between attacks to bring down all those who stand before her. The Dark Knight’s main skills, natural combos elaborated so well together, are as follows.

You can find out more about the Dark Knight from Kakao Games official news post of the character here.