Akiba’s Beat Distorts Delusion from Reality in New Trailer

Akiba’s Beat, the spiritual successor to the lewd and entertaining Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed, takes place in a true-to-life recreation of the ever popular Akihabara district in Tokyo. Focusing more on JRPG aspects instead of lewdly destroying clothes like the previous entry, Akiba’s Beat is more akin to a Persona game. Set to release on May 16th in North America for the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita, you can check out more information and a new trailer for the game below.

About the Game

In Akiba’s Beat, players will take control of a party of characters led by protagonist Asahi Tachibana as they seek to rid the town of anything out of sync with reality during a repeating Sunday from which none of them are able to break away.

There are two sides to the gameplay: first, players will wander the streets and question the quirky Akihabara residents on a variety of subjects related to the mystery at hand, ultimately unlocking fantasy-themed dungeons known as “Delusionscapes” which are infested with monsters called “deluseons.” These deluseons are encountered on the map and fought in a party-based action battle system, putting players’ skills to the test and creating a uniquely challenging experience that seamlessly blends a real-life locale with the secret delusory world of its residents’ innermost desires.

AKIBA’S BEAT also features dual audio support with both English and Japanese language dialog options covering each of its nearly 22,000 spoken lines. Players who pre-order AKIBA’S BEAT will receive the game’s “cute little uggo” mascot character, Pinkun, who is phasing into reality as a 3.5” tall pocket plushie that will come with all pre-orders at participating retailers while supplies last.